Lesson 3.11: Adding Quests to Locations

Quests are a core concept of any roleplaying game. Various people send our player off on quests to kill some monsters, return with items for potions, retrieve the secret stone, and so much more. These provide some of the motivations for our heroes to adventure. Then when the player completes the quests, they may get … Continue reading Lesson 3.11: Adding Quests to Locations

Lesson 3.2: Initial Player Inventory

Our first attempt at providing player inventory will be a simple one -- and we will expand upon it as we build out the game engine. For this initial system, we are going to use a simple list in the Player class that holds the player's items. using System.Collections.Generic; namespace SimpleRPG.Game.Engine.Models { public class Player … Continue reading Lesson 3.2: Initial Player Inventory