Blazor and React Comparison

I found this interesting article from an Infragistics developer comparing features and performance between Blazor web apps and React apps. His analysis seems pretty accurate, with Blazor making great strides over the last couple of years. And now it’s mainly a choice of developer knowledge and productivity. As a .NET developer, Blazor gives you a…

Announcing Spectre.Console.Extensions Project

I’ve been using and writing about the Spectre.Console project to easily build console applications for a long time now. Read about building Spectre.Console apps here. As I’ve been working with this library, I have duplicated code in various projects that should really be shared… like the ITypeRegistrar and ITypeResolver for different Dependency Injection (DI) frameworks.…

CSS Isolation in Blazor Components

This article has great examples of using the CSS Isolation feature in on Blazor components. Being able to package up CSS closer to the actual component definitely makes it easier to layout your component the way you want without a huge css file in your project. It also helps with reuse because the CSS for…

GitHub Action to Publish NuGet

I was working on GitHub on a new project and wanted to build and locally publish some NuGet packages in that repository. While doing a bunch of searching on the web, I found this article by Andrew Craven extremely useful: A NuGet package workflow using GitHub Actions!

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