Lesson 1.2: The Prerequisites

To follow along with these lessons, we are going to need some basic knowledge and tools. This in not an introductory tutorial on programming or the basics of C#. If you would like some of those there are a lot of materials and tutorials for that. But you can certainly pick things up along the way by looking at the source code. Think of these mostly as 200-level lessons.

Prerequisite tools:

  • Azure DevOps account and organization for source control
    • Azure DevOps basic plan is free for the first 5 users, so that’s a great way to start.
  • Azure subscription
    • Free Azure subscription for a month to test things out. Unfortunately it runs out after that month, and you’ll have to find another option for ongoing testing.
    • MSDN includes an Azure subscription that includes a $150 credit per month (if you have an MSDN Subscription). This is the option that I use for learning purposes.
    • Pay As You Go account. Charges users based on their usage, but there are low price options for dev/test usage.
  • Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio Professional Edition
    • Visual Studio Code is the free IDE from Microsoft. Lots of individuals and teams use it for building .NET applications and websites.
    • Visual Studio 2019 is the full IDE. This is the edition that I am using, but the source code will work with either edition.
  • Azure CLI installed (command line interface).
  • Git for Windows tool (free and includes GUI and CLI for Git). Git features also come integrated with Visual Studio.

These are the basic tools that we will need installed and configured for most of the work that we will do. If other things are needed along the way, they will get added to this list or described in those particular lessons.

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