Azure DevOps Pipelines

I spent this long holiday weekend (who knew President’s Day was a holiday? šŸ™‚ ) reading and learning Azure DevOps Pipelines to help automate the build and release processes. I’ve used several build scripts before at work and even copied some to get a new library or service building, but I hadn’t had the chance to understand how they worked in detail.

The experience was pretty good. There is lots of documentation and tutorials about this feature of Azure DevOps. The debugging experience isn’t great when you make errors in authoring the yaml files… and as I was learning there were definitely a lot of opportunity for errors. However, figuring out what I did wrong and how to fix it was just as instructive as the tutorials.

Here are some topics that I found most informative:

I’m going to work on some tutorials and template scripts to use for building and deploying NuGet packages. Hopefully I will post them later this week.

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