Blazor App Ideas

To highlight Blazor and .NET 5 capabilities, we’re going to build a series of lessons built around the app-ideas project. Building various projects in Blazor will enable us to show the power of Blazor in different scenarios and investigate various features.

App-ideas is a project by Florin Pop that provides a list of great apps to build and can be used in tutorials for new languages and technologies. Each app ideas describes the problem being solved, the user stories to support in the app, possible bonus features, and links to resources and example implementations.

The source code for these lessons can be found in the following repository:

App-Idea 1: Bin2Dec
Small app to convert between binary and decimal numbers.

App-Idea 2: Roman to Decimal
Converter app to switch between roman numerals and decimal numbers, and learn the basics of MVVM.

App-Idea 3: Ultra Number Converter
Number converter that allows user to pick between set of number systems. Learn about some of the Blazor input components.

App-Idea 4: Dollar to Cents App
Convert a dollar string representation into the number of cents and of each specific coin type. Learn about building a table dynamically based on a list of items.

App-Idea 5: Currency Converter App
Build an app that converts between different currencies using a live web service with the conversion rates. Learn to use HttpClient to call web services from a Blazor app.

App-Idea 6: JSON to CSV Converter (Part 1)
Build an app that converts JSON formatted text into CSV (comma separated value) format. Learn to use System.Text.Json to parse JSON text.

App-Idea 6: JSON to CSV Converter (Part 2)
Learn to call JavaScript code from .NET by implementing copy text functionality. And learn to use and customize the InputFile Blazor component to find and open local files.

App-Idea 6: JSON to CSV Converter (Part 3)
Learn to call JavaScript code from .NET by implementing file download functionality.

App-Idea 7: CSV to JSON Converter
Learn to refactor the existing converter app to expand it to support CSV to JSON conversion. Learn about the Strategy design pattern.

Please provide any feedback you have about the tutorial and individual lessons.